Anders Fox
Magical Entertainer

A gentleman entertainer.

With 20 years of experience in entertainment counting stages and events as Gröna Lund, Hard Rock Cafe and Wallmans in Copenhagen, Anders Fox knows how to serve your guest’s experiences beyond the usual and creates a magical atmosphere with his charm and sleight of hand. The best entertainment for your next event.

Anders Fox - Magical Entertainer

Something you did not know about Anders

  • At the age of 6, Anders stood on a stage for the first time, as his mother put him in dance school

  • Anders has performed for the founder of IKEA; Ingvar Kamprad.

  • The last name Fox originated when a famous magician in Las Vegas saw Anders perform and exclaimed “Anders, you are clever like a fox”

  • Anders has never worked in an office, he does not know how to behave in such an environment.

Anders Fox is a true entertainer in the form that he puts the audience first. To him, every meeting is a unique situation and when he puts himself in the center of attention with magic, he believes it is his job to see his audience and create a magical experience with them. Interaction and audience contact is one of Anders’ strengths in his entertainment, as each performance becomes unique for every single member of the audience.

“Magic is anything but a lie, it is a gift wrapped in wonder.”

– Anders Fox

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