Mingle magic

Mingle magic with Anders Fox

Mingle magic

When your guests arrive at the venue, they are greeted by drinks, mingling, and Anders Fox.

With his glorious personality and sophisticated sleight of hand, Anders interacts with the guests and delivers entertainment they will enjoy, and make them hang out with each other.

A perfect icebreaker filled with laughter, magical moments, and unforgettable experiences your guests will talk about for the rest of the evening.

Said about Mingel magic

Guldfesten 20 år

“Anders presence at Kalmars Näringslivsgala, Guldfesten, highend the event. His close-up magic during our mingle time before the gala astonished and charmed our guests. In short terms: Magic was created”

Adam Lindrooz, Event Yourself AB and project manager at Guldfesten


“Anders Fox is an excellent magician, incredibly charming and sleight-of-hand expert that does not leave anyone untouched.”

Fräulein Frauke, cabaret club owner


“I had the honor of Anders’s presence at an event and was brilliant. From his arrival, he was shining and spreading joy among the staff and guests. He did an amazing job and all the guests were all happy. We look forward to many more opportunities to work with him in the future.”

Petronella Ågren, Event coordinator, IT’S ON PRODUCTION